Why using unregulated Will writers to write your Will could cost your loved ones dearly.

Why using unregulated Will writers to write your Will could cost your loved ones dearly.

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  • 11 Oct

The importance of making a Will and ensuring it is kept up to date is strongly advised however it is estimated that over a third of the adult population do not have one. When you do decide to deal with your Will, make sure that you use a firm of Solicitors rather than a Will Writer or other unregulated professional.  Some people believe that by saving money when writing their Will, there will be more money for their loved ones to inherit however using a cheap, unregulated service can result in those you are trying to protect having high costs to rectify an inadequate service. Here are five reasons to explain why:  

  1. The cost of making a Will can vary substantially and it can be tempting to opt for a “cheaper option” offered by many Will writers. However, you pay for what you get and often “cheap and cheerful” does not always mean that a quality service has been provided. Remember you may have to pay more to put right the mistakes made by opting for an initially cheaper service.  
  2. Watch out for hidden fees. Will writers will often charge an annual fee for storage of your Will which adds considerably to the overall cost. We don’t! We provide a storage facility to store your Will free of charge for as long as you want us to store it. 

  3. Do you know that the Will writers are not regulated?This means that no professional body is monitoring the work that they do.Anyone can set up as a Will writer regardless of their experience and training.Solicitors however are heavily regulated and must comply with strict rules and regulations in everything that we do including drafting your Will.

  4. Not all Will writers have professional liability insurance, so may not be covered in the event that something goes wrong with your Will. Solicitors must have professional liability insurance and so in the event that if something does go wrong, you are likely to be able to claim damages as a result.  

  5. Will challenges and Inheritance Act claims are becoming ever more common with an increasing number of people contesting Wills or responding to the challenge made by another. Such challenges are often made when a Will has not been properly prepared or proper legal advice has not been given at the time. This means that a person’s wishes are not always followed and substantial fees will be incurred in disputing or responding to any challenge. The experience that Solicitors have will ensure that Wills are prepared properly and accurately and advice given to minimise any possible challenges.  

    If you are thinking about making a Will or updating your existing Will, contact us today. You are guaranteed a professional service from a person who is qualified to prepare your Will properly. We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and carry professional indemnity insurance.  


    So whilst taking the cheaper route may on the face of it be appealing, we strongly recommend that you make sure that your Will is drafted by a qualified, regulated and insured professional.   

    Contact Caroline French or Lynette Atkinson on 01299 402741 or by e-mail at info@wright-solicitors.co.uk, for more information or to book an appointment to discuss your Will today. We are also happy to provide a short appointment to check your current Will.   


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