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Parental Responsibility is the legal term that covers all the rights, duties and responsibilities that a parent has for his/her child. It includes the right to make decisions about, for example, health, education and welfare, the duty to ensure the child attends school and the responsibility of providing proper care. 

Mothers always have parental responsibility from the moment of birth. Some fathers have Parental Responsibility because they are married to the mother when the child is born and others get parental responsibility when the birth is registered and they are registered as the child's father. Parental Responsibility can be obtained if the parents sign a statutory agreement or also by a court order.

Parental Responsibility is at the heart of all decision-making for a child and court orders can impact on how you are allowed to use your Parental Responsibility. Wright Solicitors can help you sort out who has Parental Responsibility and how to get it (even if you are not a birth parent), limit it or, in some circumstances, remove it. Our experienced lawyers can prepare Parental Responsibility Agreements and arrange to have them registered or represent you in court if no agreement can be reached.



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