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So it may not be the most romantic of notions to draw up an agreement before or even after you marry to decide what will happen if you separate. In modern times, however, it is becoming more important for couples to know where they stand. 

In English law, these agreements are not legally binding, but the courts have become more and more willing to take them into account and hold people to their agreement. The courts have set down some guidance as to when they will pay attention to such agreements, so it is important to stick to this guidance when drawing up an agreement. 

Here at Wright Solicitors we have the skill and experience to handle these issues sensitively and to ensure that your agreement has the best chance of being upheld if the time ever came when you and your partner decide to go your separate ways. We work in a positive, friendly and non-adversarial way to make sure that you think about all the issues and come to an agreement that will strengthen rather than undermine your relationship as you start a new life together.

Of course, we hope that you can put the agreement away somewhere safe and never have to refer to it again! However, it is peace of mind that it is there and knowing that you can turn to us for help if you need to. 



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