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Dealing with someone’s affairs when they die can be complicated and lengthy, often taking many months to complete. Whether you simply need some advice on what steps to take in dealing with the estate of a loved one, or you are looking for someone to carry out services on your behalf, Wright Solicitors are here to help you.

If you lose someone close to you or are appointed the executor of a Will, we can help with the responsibility of administering the estate.

Being a Personal Representative is a heavy burden. It can be time-consuming and legally complex. For example, you have a responsibility to report to the Inland Revenue and the Probate Registry. You may also have to resolve disputes between family members.

We help you with the task of obtaining Probate, dealing with the assets of the estate and ensuring that the wishes of the deceased are carried out. Often, we can help you finalise matters more quickly than you can on your own.



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